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Recommended Escalation Procedures

In the event that violations of our policies are encountered, this procedure will be the most productive method to seek a resolution.  At all levels of interaction, please remember that everybody within our community is an unpaid volunteer.  Remaining respectful at all times until the end of the escalation process will ensure a good outcome and protect the environment our kids play within.  In other words, don't make a bad situation worse before you run out of other options.

  1. If at all possible, please first try to resolve this issue using good-old-fashioned conversation.  Keep the emotions in check, and try to work through the problem.  If the problem is with the coach or player while a game is in progress, the conversation should wait until after the game has completed.  NOTE: It is a violation of our code of conduct to attempt a conversation with players, coaches, or referees while a game is in progress except in cases of extreme peril (which does does not include playing time violations).  ALSO NOTE: Spectators should never communicate directly with referees at any point before during or after games.

  2. If the problem cannot be resolved directly, please reach out to the Malden Youth Soccer coordinator for your age group.  

  3. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution the age group coordinator is able to offer within a reasonable amount of time, you should reach out to the President, Vice President or travel Travel Coordinator.  Please allow a reasonable amount of time if it gets to this level.

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