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PreK-K 2022

April 2, 2022


Hello K and PreK Parents!


I have the unexpected privilege of welcoming our newest athletes to the spring season.  It’s an honor to return to my first job with Malden Youth Soccer after such an epic journey, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity.


I have some important news and information about the season, so let’s get to it.


We Need Help

I normally do this at the end of communications, but it is a special priority now.


If you appreciate the experience we offer, or even just the potential in it, please consider volunteering with us. As much of a burden of joy this job is, it is a weight better shared. If you are caring, smart, and committed you are halfway to saving the world.  A few hours a week (maybe more at times) would help sustain our mission to provide a fun, healthy, community-building ecosystem for the remainder of your young player’s childhood.  Answering a similar call 10 years ago is one of my most valuable life decisions, and I hope you will deeply consider the opportunity before you now.


There are 2 primary ways to help:

  1. Administering the league from a seat on the Board of Directors is the most powerful contribution you can make. We need help at many tasks:  Coordinating our age groups, improving our soccer program, managing our finances and technology, and organizing events are all tasks that need some love.  This is especially important now for the PreK/K age group as we work to fill an important gap.

  2. Coaching (and assisting) is the most rewarding.  Experience is not required, but a good, fun attitude is.  You can learn soccer and coaching as you go.  When I started, I knew little of either.  Most of the teams have a coach assigned already, but many could use an assistant!  We will have a virtual coaches meeting on Tuesday evening this week.  If you are interested in helping, let me know and I will forward you an invitation.


If you can help, please contact me or a fellow board member.



Our season begins Saturday, April 9 (one week from today!) and will run through June 11.  For now, we will plan to skip Memorial Day, but may add that back if we experience a lot of weather cancellations.  We will try our best to get 8-9 weekends of soccer in this time.


We will be running 2 sessions on Saturday Mornings at Amerige park.  Teams will be assigned to Session 1 or Session 2, and will maintain that schedule for the entire season.


  • Session 1:  Arrive at 8:45, Start at 9:00, End at 10:10

  • Session 2:  Arrive at 10:20, Start at 10:30, End at 11:40


Every session will include some fun skill practice, and a friendly game against another team.


Team assignments (and time slots) will be communicated this week.  Keep an eye out for an email.


You can find additional details about the season in this document provided to the coaches.


What you need

There are several items every player should have:

  1. Shin guards

  2. Soccer socks (to hold the shin guards)

  3. Shoes (Regular sneakers that lace up are fine, cleats are better)

  4. Water bottle

  5. Size 3 soccer ball — This is 2 sizes smaller than a normal ball

  6. Comfortable athletic clothes suitable for the weather of the day


Colored team shirts will be distributed by the coach on the first day.



A few words about soccer at this level.


The purpose of soccer at this age group is to develop a child’s (hopefully) life-long relationship with soccer and sports.  The experience needs to be fun, slightly challenging, and rewarding.  Kids will improve their skills every time they touch the ball.  Giving them the space to learn and make mistakes is essential to their development both on and off the field.  A “Great Job!” from a smiling parent – regardless of actual greatness – is the most important moment in the entire experience.  Kids will not be at their best every session.  Some kids will score 10 goals, and others will have great success simply watching other kids play.  You never know how things will evolve, except for this…  kids who have fun want to come back.


It is extremely important to maintain a good attitude on the field.  Please avoid being critical or controlling.  Skills will develop in due time.  For now, try to appreciate the joy of chasing a ball around like a flock of birds.


We are not too concerned with “rules” or “the score” at this age group.  If the ball goes out, we nudge it back in.  If it touches a hand, we’ll probably overlook it.  If our team scores, we’ll cheer.  If the other team scores, we’ll also cheer.  Just have some fun.  Enjoy this time while it lasts.  Leave some things for later.


Doug Danoff

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