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High School '23



Hello High School Aged Player,

The deadline to register for spring high school soccer (grade 9-PG+1) is January 29.  If you are unable to register by this time, it is urgent that you let us know ASAP.  In most cases, spots will not be available if you don’t hold your spot.

There are some important updates to consider depending on your category:

Boys Grade 9&10

Registration is open.  

There are a limited number of spaces remaining, and registration will be closed when all 3 teams are full, regardless if the deadline has passed or not.  If you received an email in November that you were assigned to the first or second team, your spot is not guaranteed if you don’t register before Jan 29. 

Boys Grade 11,12,PG

Registration is closed.

If you received an email in November that you were selected for the first team, you should still be able to register.  You should do so as soon as possible, and let us know if you have any problems.  Your spot will not be guaranteed after Jan 29.  If space on Team1 becomes available after Jan. 29, we will begin offering spots to players based on tryout performance and known history.  If you would like to be considered for the first team, contact

Based on low interest in a second B11+ team, we have decided to not form one. If sufficient numbers of players show renewed interest in a second team, we may reconsider.  Respond to BEFORE Jan. 29 to join the Team2 waiting list. 


Based on the decision to not enter a second team, cuts for the first team may be required.  If you are registered by Jan 29, you will make the initial team, but we reserve the right to reduce the roster size based on skill and commitment.  If you are not selected for the final team, your registration fee will be refunded.

Girls Grade 9-PG

Registration is closed.

Based on current registration numbers (after a lot of individual outreach), we do not expect sufficient commitment to form a second team.  Our current plan is to only form a single team which would play in the grade 11/12/PG league at the Division 1 level.  We expect to make cuts for this team based on final registration numbers, skill, and level of commitment.  All players between Grade 9 and PG are eligible for this team.

If sufficient numbers of players join the waiting list for the second team before Jan. 29, we will consider creating a second team. Respond to BEFORE Jan. 29 to join the Team2 waiting list. 

If you believe you are a Team1 player and have not yet registered, please contact right away.

* High School aged teams play most games on Sundays between April, May, and June

Register Here

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