COVID-Related Responsibilities

- Updated for Spring 2021

- updated 5/18 for MA YOUTH SOCCER CHANGES


Whether you are a coach, a team COVID Coordinator, or a regular soccer family along for the ride, it is essential that you know and understand your responsibilities related to COVID.  Our privilege to play amid the pandemic is married to our responsibility to demonstrate our ability to keep our community safe.  


We will again be adhering to Mass Youth Soccer’s COVID protocols. The details can be found at their COVID Hub webpage.  There is excellent information at this website, but we have provided some highlights below.  PLEASE REVIEW AND UNDERSTAND YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES.


Thank you for your support and diligence.  Your help in adhering to these guidelines during the fall season led to an incident-free soccer experience last year.  Hopefully this spring will be the last season we will need to be on high-alert.

New Allowances since Fall

  • Normal soccer rules have returned:  Throw-ins, headers, corner kicks, deliberate contact

  • Spectator limits softened.  We will allow multiple spectators per player on Malden fields (plus small siblings) so long as distancing can me maintained.  Other towns may have different allowances.

New Allowances as of May 18

  • MA Youth Soccer, under the guidance of Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, has updated guidance related to wearing masks at outdoor soccer activity.  These guidelines are approved of by Malden BOH, Middlesex Youth Soccer, and Malden Youth Soccer Board of Directors.

  • At the discretion of the coach, players 18 years old and under on travel soccer teams will be allowed to not wear masks during practices and games...  These players may continue to wear masks if they choose to. 

  • Teams / players opting to not wear a mask, are still required to wear a mask to and from events and while on the sidelines & huddles

  • If coaches require that the team continue to wear masks, this rule will be enforced by the board.

  • Coaches, spectators, and players 19 and older must continue to wear masks.

  • Intown teams and TOPS Soccer will continue to require masks. 

Everybody’s Responsibility

  • With the exclusion of the May 18 guidelines in mind, everybody else must wear a mask at all times over mouth and nose, including arrival and departure.  Masks with vents are not acceptable.

  • Do not attend soccer activities if you are sick or have a fever

  • Stay away from soccer activities for at least 14 days if you have tested positive, have had close contact, or exhibit symptoms of the virus

  • Understand the MA Travel Advisory, especially: If you are out of state for over 24 hours, you are advised to either quarantine for 10 days or receive a negative COVID test before returning to soccer activity

  • If you are diagnosed or directly exposed and asked to quarantine, you are required to notify your coach and the COVID Safety Officer (Doug Danoff

  • Do not linger before or after games


Player Responsibilities

  • If applicable, players must wear masks which loop behind the ears.  Brief mask breaks are permitted when 6 feet of social distance can be maintained.  No Gaiters.

  • Players must have their own equipment: Sanitizer, Water bottle, Ball, Pinny, Gloves  -- NO SHARING

  • No shared snacks

  • Check for fever before attending soccer activity

  • Avoid carpooling, but if necessary, wear masks and keep windows open


Spectator Responsibilities

  • Spectators must wear masks to and from their seating location.  Once seated and in a location where social distancing can me maintained, masks may be removed.

  • The explicit limit of 2 spectators plus siblings is removed.  Players may have more spectators so long as adequate social distancing can be maintained. 

  • Family units must maintain at least 6 feet distance from other family units

  • IMPORTANT - When traveling to other cities, spectators are required to comply with that city's mask policies which may be more restrictive.


Coach Responsibilities

  • Identify your team’s COVID Coordinator

  • Masks at all times

  • Maintain distance from players at all times (excluding serious injury)

  • Be the only one to handle shared equipment (cones, nets, etc).  Equipment should be disinfected frequently.

  • Setup dedicated player equipment area away from field and spectators

  • Ensure players have masks (which loop behind ears) and wear them properly at all times.

  • Do not schedule pre-game arrival time where it might overlap with a prior game.  Games should have a 20 minute buffer -- do not exceed 20 minutes.

  • Terminate games & practices if player or spectator compliance cannot be peacefully obtained


Team COVID Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Setup designated spectator areas at games.   3 sides of the field are allowed, maintain 10’ off the field

  • Take attendance at home games, and store until November - Collect Rosters, Suggestion: take wide angle spectator photos/videos

  • Remind spectators of compliance policies, and notify coach if compliance cannot be obtained

  • Communicate serious protocol breaches to the COVID Safety Officer (Doug Danoff